Our Story...


After a long background in the creative arts of shearing sheep, spinning wool and making yarn; apprenticing with a Shaker basket maker; and designing complicated sock patterns to hand knit, my creative process has evolved into the present day form of paper bead making.

The keyword here is “handmade”. With the beads that I create, I make unique jewelry. Some are created with hand painted papers I make using the ebru method of floating paint on thickened water which is then lifted onto paper to create intriguing results. Other beads are made from all sorts of discarded packaging; repurposing everyday materials. I create beads by recycling paper packaging from all sorts of items....from cereal boxes, tissue boxes, soda can boxes, to music scores and more. I even make paper beads out of money......yes, it’s legal! 

Each bead is hand rolled and then strung for dipping. Every bead receives 10 coats of my “special sauce” which seals, preserves and protects each bead. Once they are dry, I create jewelry. 

It is crazy how stylish, colorful and snazzy these small creations are! 

Marilyn Adams

Cape Cod Paper Bead Company